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Acceleration Services

Unleash your research potential with our cutting-edge acceleration services. Ignite innovation through expert methodologies, coaching, and digital tech, widening participation and driving groundbreaking advancements in record time.

Transformative Solutions

Revolutionize research practices with transformative and widening solutions in capacity sharing, open science, societal outreach, and gender equality. Shape a brighter future, driving inclusive excellence in research and innovation

Widening Excellence

Expand your horizons and collaborate with leading higher education institutions. Connect with a diverse network of researchers, professionals, and innovators, fostering impactful global collaborations and spreading excellence worldwide.

Unveiling the Power of Agoras

Agoras are new digital platforms that help HEIs connect, share knowledge and create new solutions. They can help HEIs be more innovative and have a bigger impact on the world. 


Successful stories

Thanks to the aUPaEU project funded by the European Union, we're providing agoras to university alliances at no cost

Here are some inspiring success stories as examples

Unite! agora

Unlock the Potential of Unite! Agora: Your Virtual Hub for Collaboration!

Join a dynamic community of students, faculty, and researchers from diverse universities at the Unite! Agora. This virtual space fuels innovation and entrepreneurship, offering funding, mentorship, and state-of-the-art facilities.

 Discover a hotspot for tackling global challenges and benefit from:
- Effective Stakeholder Management through CRM
- Access to Shared Research Infrastructures
- Research and Innovation Matchmaking Notice Board
- Showcases, like a welcoming centre, inclusivity resources, and evolving online toolkits powered by Unite! projects.

Embrace the future of collaboration at Unite! Agora!


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